Qazyfiction is the dark fantasy publishing project of indie author A.M. Harte. It offers serialised fiction, all set within the Above Ground universe. Be warned that reader discretion is advised—there will probably be violence, harsh language, and other such things.

Originally launched in mid-2009, the website was relaunched fully in September 2011 amd will no doubt face yet another revamp at some point.

How do I keep track of updates?

You can subscribe to the RSS feed or get email alerts. Alternatively, like the facebook page or follow @qazyfiction on twitter.

How can I help?

The best way to support an author is to buy their books. Check out the print/ebook versions of Above Ground, which are revised editions with extra cool awesome scenes in them.

For something completely different, why not give A.M. Harte’s zombie love anthology, Hungry For You, a try?

Alternatively, spread the word about the site. If you have any ideas for publicity that need involvement (guest blogging, interviews, and such), get in touch.

What is your policy on fan / guest fiction?

Absolutely love it and happy to host it here. For fiction posted off-site, please add a disclaimer and a direct link back to this site.

What if my question wasn’t answered?

Leave a comment below or contact me on facebook!

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