It’s been a long journey.

I started writing Above Ground sometime in mid-2009. It was my first foray into the world of webfiction, and the first novel I ever finished.

Writing by the seat of my pants had its downsides, however. In late 2010, I began writing the sequel, Between Worlds . . . then realised just how much was wrong with Above Ground. It was the ugliest first draft in existence.

Disheartened canada goose down calgary Canada Goose victoria parka outlet official, I abandoned the universe for a while and went off to write about zombies instead. But in September 2011 I bit the bullet and began writing the second draft—which you have just finished reading.

So first of all: thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Secondly, yes, there will be a sequel . . . one day.

Above Ground: the book!

In October 2012 I released what I’m calling “the final FINAL version of Above Ground“. It’s fairly close to the online version, but, well, better.

You can pick up an ebook copy on the Kindle for US $3.50 or UK £2.24.

Or you can get a print copy – which includes a MAP – from Amazon (US $12.99, UK £8.99) and all sorts of other places.

This is the cover:

Typesetting and design by the wonderful MCM of 1889 Labs. Bewitching artwork by Jeffrey Thompson.


Some of you have already read a few chapters of Between Worlds. Well, it all needs massive revision, but I do intend to continue the series. Probably not for a long while, though.

In the meantime, I’m planning on experimenting with side stories. I also have a few other projects I want to dabble with too.

Keep in touch with me on twitter or on my main website – I love to hear from you all.

Thanks again, all. I couldn’t have made it without you.

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